Full name: Gde Aditya Mahendra Rai
Facebook: www.facebook.com/g.aditya.m.rai
Twitter: @d2station
Linkedin: Aditya Rai
Blog (ameba): http://ameblo.jp/adityarai/

Born in 1979 in Bandung – Indonesia grew up in outside Indonesia for about 6 years. A man who grown by influence of game, Japanese animation (anime), Japanese comic (manga), Japanese idol, and Japanese live action (tokusatsu). Having many knowledge from the hobbies and making hobbies become a profession as an expert. Have a deep interest on Japanese culture and their customer services. Stayed in Tokyo – Japan for about 1 year, study and explore Japanese manners and their ways of life.

Graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology’s Visual Communication Design department. Known as one of Indonesia’s leading experts on Japanese pop-culture, including, but not limited to, anime, manga, idol, and games. One of the first persons to introduce and popularize anime in the city of Bandung.

Has extensive experience in Indonesia entertainment industry, both as as a model and entertainer. Has held various important positions in a number of Indonesian media companies, such as Animonster’s managing editor and Gamestation’s chief editor.

1979年生まれ、インドネシア、バンドゥン市出身。約6年間海外で成長した。ゲーム、アニメ、漫画、アイドル、特撮の影響を受けて成長している男性。趣味から多くの知識を持ち、趣味は専門家としての職業になること。日本文化とその顧客サービスに深い関心を持っている。研究のために日本や日本人のマナーや生活の方法を探る 為、東京で一年間ぐらい住んだことがあります。

バンドン工科大学のビジュアルコミュニケーションデザイン部門卒業。インドネシアで日本のポップカルチャーの一流の専門家の一つとして知られているが、 、アニメ、漫画、アイドル、ゲームなどに限定されない。バンドン市でアニメを紹介し、普及した最初の人物の一人。





Name: ADI
Full name: Adi Nurwan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adi.nurwan
Linkedin: Adi Nurwan

Born in 1989 in Baturaja City South of Sumatra Island Indonesia。Stayed in Tokyo – Japan for about 5 years,study at Japanese college and work as employee. A man who grown by influence of Japanese pop culture,(japan song,animation (anime), comic (manga), and live action (tokusatsu). Having many knowledge from the hobbies and making hobbies become a new experience in japan pop culture world. Have a deep interest on Japanese culture and their customer service,and hope can apply Japanese manners in Indonesia.

Graduated from Jakarta Islamic University Ibnu Chaldun Communication Department and two Japanese technical college for learn Japanese language and international trade. Known as one of Indonesia’s young member on Japanese association at Indonesia (KAJI).

Has experience as interpreneur translator on Japanese event in Indonesia or Indonesian Festival in Tokyo, Japan Has held various important positions such as show director at Sakura matsuri 2014 , artist pic Tokyo Indonesian Festival 2013.

1989 年生まれ、バトゥラジャ市南スマトラ島インドネシア出身。約5年間東京に住み、専門学校へ通った後、日本の貿易会社に入社しました。日本に住んでから日本 のゲーム、アニメ、漫画、アイドル、特撮の影響を受けました。趣味から多くの知識を学び、新たに経験を重ねて日本のポップカルチャーについて知りたくな り、インドネシアで日本文化と日本人のマナーなどを広げられるか研究しています。





Nickname: Dejikodaioh
Name :Riyvan Firmansyah
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/riyvan.firmansyah
KamekoPage :https://www.facebook.com/dejikodaiohcosart
Twiiter :twitter.com/dejikodaioh

Born in 1984 Bandung – Mostly grow up in Bandung, love mecha anime, games, and photography. Have many influence in Japanese company and now working as marketing promotion in Doki Doki Station. The anime had influence in my live is macros series and the game mostly like is FPS genre games.

Nowadays new hobby has been emerged become cosplayerkameko, usually dejikodaioh doing the the photoshoot in Bandung area with Cosplayer that reside in Bandung area. Many good spot in Bandung to have some photoshoot.

Dejikodaioh mostly spend many year as marketing of Doki-Dokistation in certain forum. Now hold important position in Japanese Company in Bandung.