Brain Powerd Vol.1~9 Set


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Tanggal rilis: 1999/03/25
Platform: VHS
Distributor: Bandai Visual
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– Japanese Dialogue.
– Second hand.
– Lengkap dengan box.
– Kaset video dalam kondisi baik.

Brain Powerd is set in a future time in which Earth has been afflicted by earthquakes and floods. The source of this is a traced to a gargantuan, alien spacecraft dubbed “Orphan”, which sits deep beneath the Pacific Ocean. Scientists Kensaku Isami and Midori Isami work within Orphan in order to uncover its vast knowledge, reach the Earth’s surface with the craft, and travel the galaxy, resulting in the annihilation of all lifeforms on Earth. Their agents, the “Reclaimers”, pilot living organic mechas (or “Antibodies”) in the army Grand Cher, and seek to retrieve Orphan’s vital disc plates which are scattered across the planet. The series begins with the teenage lead Hime Utsumiya venturing upon such a disc plate, which revives into a unique Antibody, called “Brain Powerd”, with which she forms a deep connection. Within a year, Hime joins a group wishing to counter the ideals of the Orphan researchers, stationed aboard the battleship Novis Noah. She is soon joined by Yu Isami, an ex-Reclaimer who leaves Orphan after learning of the catastrophe his parents seek to unleash. Hime and Yu soon enter upon an adventure which may decide the future of humanity.

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