DAFT PUNK / Musique Vol.1 1993-2005


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Tanggal rilis: 2006/04/04
Format: CD
Record Label: Virgin
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Musique Vol. 1 1993–2005 is an anthology by Daft Punk. Due to time constraints on the audio CD, some of the tracks are shorter edits. The song “Digital Love” appears only in the digital release and Japan edition. The name of the album comes from “Musique”, a song that was initially released as the B-side to “Da Funk”. Although it was released before Daft Punk’s debut album Homework, “Musique” was not intended for it. Thomas Bangalter pointed out that sales of “Da Funk” were greater than that of the album, so the majority of listeners would have attained the song through the former.

1.”Musique” 2.”Da Funk” 3.”Around the World” (radio edit) 4.”Revolution 909″ 5.”Alive” 6.”Rollin’ & Scratchin'” 7.”One More Time” (short radio edit) 8.”Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” 9.”Something About Us” 10.”Robot Rock” 11.”Technologic” (radio edit) 12.”Human After All” 13.”Mothership Reconnection” (Daft Punk remix edit) 14.”Chord Memory” (Daft Punk remix) 15.”Forget About the World” (Daft Punk ‘Don’t Forget the World’ mix)

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