Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Complete Best Limited Edition


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Tanggal rilis: 2005/11/02
Format: CD + DVD
Record Label: Sony Music Entertainment
Jumlah disc: 2
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– Origin: Japan.
– Second hand.
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“Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Complete Best” is a compilation album that brings together a stellar collection of music from the popular anime series “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.” Released as a soundtrack, this compilation features a diverse range of tracks that have left a lasting impact on fans of the series.

The album includes both opening and ending theme songs, capturing the essence of the Gundam SEED universe. The music, composed by renowned artists and performers, complements the intense mecha battles, intricate plotlines, and emotional moments that define the Gundam SEED Destiny series.


1.ignited-イグナイテッド-(T.M.Revolution) 2.Reason(玉置成実) 3.PRIDE(HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR) 4.Life Goes On(有坂美香) 5.僕たちの行方(高橋瞳) 6.I Wanna Go To A Place…(Rie fu) 7.Wings of Words(CHEMISTRY) 8.君は僕に似ている(See-Saw) 9.Meteor-ミーティア-(T.M.Revolution) 10.vestige-ヴェスティージ-(T.M.Revolution) 11.Reason(NYLON Stay Cool Mix)(玉置成実) 12.PRIDE(”Phantom pain”norishirobreakmegamix)(HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR) 13.Wings of Words(alas de palabras)(CHEMISTRY)

1.ignited-イグナイテッド-(PHASE-1~PHASE-13 オープニングテーマ) 2.Reason(PHASE-1~PHASE-13 エンディングテーマ) 3.PRIDE(PHASE-14~PHASE-24 オープニングテーマ) 4.Life Goes On(PHASE-14~PHASE-25 エンディングテーマ) 5.僕たちの行方(PHASE-25~PHASE-37 オープニングテーマ) 6.I Wanna Go To A Place…(PHASE-26~PHASE-37 エンディングテーマ) 7.Wings of Words(PHASE-38~PHASE-50 オープニングテーマ) 8.君は僕に似ている(PHASE-38~PHASE-50 エンディングテーマ)

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