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Tanggal rilis: 2005/01/27
Platform: Sony Playstation 2
Developer: Banpresto, From Software
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In the future, interstellar political strife has led to the formation of a global governing body called the United Community of Earth, or UCE. Recently, global energy shortages have led to the development of a new energy source, a powerful substance named E2. However, there are those who want it for their own personal gain, and the UCE defense forces are the front lines in protecting the Earth against rebel groups.

Another Century’s Episode, is an robot anime crossover action game, comparable to a cross between Zone of the Enders and Super Robot Taisen. Starting as a rookie UCE pilot, the player will fight against and alongside many characters from nine famous robot anime series, piloting 40 different so-called real robots. The game features a heavy focus on fast-paced aerial combat. All mechs can fly and boost continuously — even those that could not in their original appearances — and have numerous weapons and abilities closely modeled after the source material.

Much like the Armored Core series by the same developer, the game is divided into missions, each with multiple objectives. Completing missions moves the story forward, and also earns Ace points, which can be used to purchase new mechs, upgrade their ship’s storage capacity (allowing for more mechs), or upgrade individual mechs in various ways. Each mission also features a “secret object”, and completing enough of these will unlock additional machines to purchase. Completing the story will open a “free mission” mode where any mission in the game can be replayed for better rank or to complete the secret objective. There is also a two-player battle mode, where any two unlocked machines can battle head-to-head.

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