Adventure of Tokyo Disney Sea: Ushinawareta Houseki no Himitsu


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Tanggal rilis: 2001/12/20
Platform: Sony Playstation 2
Developer: Konami
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Tokyo DisneySea is a 176-acre (71.22 ha) theme park at the Tokyo Disney Resort located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, just outside Tokyo. It opened on September 4, 2001. It is owned by The Oriental Land Company, which licenses Disney characters and themes from The Walt Disney Company. Tokyo DisneySea attracted an estimated 14 million visitors in 2013, making it the fourth-most-visited theme park in the world. Tokyo DisneySea was the second theme park to open at the Tokyo Disney Resort and the ninth park of the eleven worldwide Disney theme parks to open.

Tokyo DisneySea was the fastest theme park in the world to reach the milestone of 10 million guests, having done so in 307 days after its grand opening. The previous record-holder was Universal Studios Japan 338 days after its opening. Tokyo DisneySea is also the most expensive theme park ever built, estimated to have cost over U.S. $4 billion. Tokyo DisneySea and its companion park Tokyo Disneyland are the only Disney parks in the world not owned by The Walt Disney Company.

Adventure of Tokyo Disney Sea: Impressive visuals and lofty aurals help Tokyo Disney play like an interactive cartoon rather than a routine 3D adventure game. Inspired by the Disney Theme Park and character universe, players engage in an action-adventure game dotted with fan favorites from various properties such as Little Mermaid and Aladdin who appear and provide cameos in support of the storyline. Players romp around colorful locales and gather trading cards to complete personal collections. Challenge characters in games of rock-scissors-paper to win coins which help advance your cause. A guardian angel of sorts guides you through the game with helpful advice and hints as you maneuver through the scenarios. A number of mini-games present different challenges which must be overcome before advancing to the next level.

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