Doki Doki Pretty League: Nekketsu Otome Seishunki


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Tanggal rilis: 1998/09/23
Platform: Sony Playstation
Developer: XING Entertainment
Jumlah disc: 3
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– Region Japan.
– Second hand.
– Kondisi box 80%.
– CD 2 ada baret. Manual dalam keadaan baik.

In this game you play a coach for an all-girl baseball team. The game plays like a managerial game where you have to keep track of the schedule, add practice time for the girls and play games to advance in the series. But to keep the team happy you must also make sure they have a good social life as well as a well thought out training regime.

The game was created due to the unexpectedly positive reception of its predecessor and the numerous requests for a sequel. In terms of the system, the adventure part now includes map movement, adding more freedom. They also addressed the lack of baseball-related activities in the previous game by enhancing the game part with more commands and chip animations to improve presentation and expression. Additionally, the game includes more single-image events, lip-syncing to match the voice acting, and full voice-over, pushing the limits of suggestive content on the PlayStation.

In terms of the story, the game places a greater emphasis on expressing the personalities and individuality of the characters, which was notably lacking in the previous installment. It explores the daily lives, emotions, circumstances, and backgrounds of the heroines. The image characters for this game are the idol unit “Southpaw,” featuring Hikaru Kawamura, Reimi Kawashima, and Satoko Mochizuki.

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