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Tanggal rilis: 2001/03/08
Platform: Sony Playstation 2
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Jumlah disc: 1
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– Region Japan.
– Second hand.
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Extermination is a survival horror game, and as such players are encouraged to run whenever they can. This idea is reinforced by the fact that ammunition is limited for the main character’s weapons, and most enemies, especially the larger or human descended types, typically take a lot of damage before being defeated. Another element of survival horror that holds true is that ammo for special weapons is limited from the get-go.

The game also features an Infection System. Along with a conventional health bar, there is also an “Infection Rate”. Enemies in the game have the potential to both deal damage to Dennis’ health and raise his Infection Rate. When the rate reaches 100%, Dennis becomes completely infected by the virus, and his maximum health is not only reduced to 60%, but also constantly depletes. Additionally, things that would usually not harm Dennis or would only infect him now inflict damage. This can be fought against using a special machine called the MTS Bed, located in certain areas of the game, which cures the infection and restores his health to full, but this also requires an MTS vaccine, a limited item. If Dennis’ health reaches zero when infected, he will mutate into a creature and die, the results of which are game over.

In the beginning, Dennis is equipped with a Special Purpose Rifle, or “SPR-4” assault rifle, a weapon traditionally given to the armed forces in the game’s setting. This weapon is highly customizable and can be fitted with gadgets such as a zoom scope, flashlight grip, radar, and parts which convert it to different types of weapons such as a flame thrower, shotgun, or rocket launcher. Dennis also has a Combat Knife and can do either a single strong slash or multiple weak slashes. Another unique factor in Extermination’s gameplay is the “Battery Pack”. Found near the beginning of the game, Dennis uses this rechargeable battery to activate various machinery, and execute functions common to most video games such as saving the game. The battery pack can be upgraded to hold more power by collecting cells found in various locations around the Fort.

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