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Tanggal rilis: 2013/03/28
Platform: Nintendo WiiU
Developer: Nintendo
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– Region Japan.
– Second hand.
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Game & Wario consists of a set of 16 minigames to be played exclusively by one GamePad. Of the 16 of the minigames, 10 are single-player, 2 are single- or double-player, 4 are multi-player (one of which for two players, the remaining for up to five players).

Among the uses of the GamePad are: to shoot arrows, or to block these when moved around shield-wise; as a photocamera, to take shots of onscreen items; as a tapping board to beat rhythms on; to move characters on the tv screen by tilting it, even while it is vertically held in the case of skiing; to draw on its touch-screen by stylus; to attend to gameplay, while keeping an eye on the tv to be sure the minigame’s protagonist isn’t caught playing by his mother (who disagrees about the hobby of videogaming).

Multiplayer is managed by players using the GamePad by turns. In the two-player minigame Disco, players simultaneously hold the GamePad from one side each, tapping out rhytms at each other in turn, while trying to replicate their rival’s beats as precisely as they can.

Minigames feature — as playing characters and, more frequently, as minigame hosts — a set of old-time rascals, all acquaintances from the Wario franchise. One of the minigames has a visual setting nostalgically dedicated to Game & Watch Nintendo gaming devices. Well-playing in single-player is rewarded with tokens, by which a series of collectible extras become available

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