Hokuto no Ken 3


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Tanggal rilis: 1989/10/19
Platform: Famicom
Developer: Toei
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– Region Japan.
– Second hand.
– Kondisi box 80%.
– Cartridge dan manual dalam kondisi baik.

This RPG is based on the anime series Hokuto no Ken, a.k.a. Fist of the North Star. In 1999, a demonic attack devastated the human population. In order to re-build the ruined world and survive in a struggle against demon lords and their minions, mankind needs the power of the Northern Star. The player takes control of Kenshirou, the hero of the series, and his friends, in a quest to save the humanity and to defeat the evil. Roaming the wasteland, visiting towns and dangerous dungeons, Kenshirou and his friends will encounter various enemies whom they will have to defeat in turn-based battles. The battle screen shows both parties as anime-style pictures. In boss battles Kenshirou will have to defeat his foes one-on-one.

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