Intelligent Controller Cyber Stick


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Tanggal rilis: 2022/10/27
Platform: Sega Mega Drive Mini, PC, Egret II Mini
Developer: Dempa Shimbunsha Co., Ltd.
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– Region Japan.
– New Sealed

Analog-compatible controller with cockpit-like sensation.
The Cyber Stick features a 256-step analog stick for forward, backward, left, and right movements, as well as a throttle. It is equipped with three trigger buttons on the main panel and has corresponding trigger buttons on both the stick and throttle, providing a cockpit-like sensation for an immersive gaming experience.

Equipped with a control panel and special modes.
The control panel includes features such as rapid-fire, swapping trigger buttons A/B, and analog/digital switching for the stick and throttle. It also includes special modes like doubling the range of movement for the stick and throttle, inverting the forward/backward direction, allowing optimal settings tailored to the game. Similar to the original version, you can also swap the positions of the stick and throttle, making it customizable based on the game or your dominant hand.

– Megadrive Mini 2 and Egret II Mini compatible analog controller. Compatible game titles include “After Burner II,” “Night Striker,” “Star Blade,” and more.
– Compatible OS: Windows 10, 11 System requirements: USB port, Internet (required for driver download)
– Powered from the USB port of the PC or Megadrive Mini 2
*This product is not compatible with “X68000.”

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