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Tanggal rilis: 1994/12/02
Platform: 3DO
Developer: Universal Interactive Studios
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Based on its namesake film, Jurassic Park Interactive places you as a park security guard and tasks you with guiding five to eleven visitors (based on the skill level you chose) to the safety of the helipad. You select each visitor from an overhead map, and must play one of three randomly-selected minigames to determine if they successfully make it to the next safe house:

– “Spitter Shoot” is a shooting gallery with Dilophosaurs as the targets. You use a stun gun which must be charged up to have maximum effect. Docile dinos also mix with the hostile ones, but turn hostile if shot unnecessarily.

– “T-Rex Chase” is a basic driving game where you must outrun a Tyranosaurus (visible in your rear-view mirror) while simultaneously staying on the road and dodging hazards.

– “Raptor Maze” is a 3D, first-person game where you must escape a darkened building while being stalked by Velociraptors of increasing numbers. You have no weapons, and must instead use gates to block the dinos and alternate pathways to slip by.

You must also hack computer locks to allow you access to the communications systems. Each lock is yet another minigame; these based off of arcade classics (Space Invaders, Asteroids) with dinosaurs and Jurassic Park characters.

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