Kenka Bancho 2: Full Throttle


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Tanggal rilis: 2007/03/08
Platform: Sony PlayStation 2
Developer: Spike
Jumlah disc: 1
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– Region Japan.
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The basic systems such as “Charisma,” “Menchibeam,” and “Challenge” have been inherited from the previous title “Kenka Bancho.” In this game, a new system called “Spiritual Capacity” has been adopted as a leveling up system similar to experience points in RPGs. By increasing the “Spiritual Capacity,” players earn points called “Kenka Souls,” which can be allocated to upgrade their stats. Additionally, there are over 320 different fighting techniques that can be learned, allowing for player customization according to preferences.

The story is broadly divided into the “Far East Union Edition” and the “East Kansei Racing Union Edition,” with the branching determined by the player’s actions early in the game. The story itself has strong RPG elements, and the endings vary based on the player’s actions and choices. Various hidden elements and secrets are also included.

A year after the intense battle with the Kuroshin Union, Tanaka Yasuo becomes the first leader of the Far East Union. Takeda Tomoya, upon entering the school, challenges Tanaka Yasuo to a one-on-one match but is defeated, becoming a loser (Pochi) from a fierce dog. A year later, Tomoya, now a second-year student, feels the pressure of a promise made with his childhood friend from middle school, Rukia Kisaragi, as he goes through his daily life. One day, the East Kansei Racing Union Raging Fire comes to search for Takeda Tomoya at the Far East High School. They inquire about the current situation of Rukia Kisaragi from the leader of the East Kansei Racing Union Raging Fire, Hashiba. Rukia has become the leader of the East Kansei Racing Union. Caught between Tanaka Yasuo and Rukia Kisaragi, two powerful men, Tomoya is inevitably dragged into the conflict between the two major factions.

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