King of the Monsters (no manual)


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Tanggal rilis: 1991/07/01
Platform: Neo Geo AES
Developer: SNK
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– Region US.
– Second hand.
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– Cartridge dalam kondisi baik. Tidak ada manual.

Our planet in the near future…As our civilization advanced technologically and through the passage of time, the earth experienced a gradual decline… Unexpectedly, this vast earth came to a surprising halt. Suddenly, Super Monsters unimaginable to the human mind began to appear all over the world! This crazy universe gave birth to these quick transforming Super creatures!!!! Super Monsters that would mercilessly destroy building after building. Super Monsters that would ignore the frenzied panic of the people. No human military came close to their power!

Players choose one of six monsters (four in the 16-bit ports) for battle, and two players can join forces to fight the monsters together. Battles end when one of the monsters is pinned for a three count or if time expires (in which case the player loses). The game consists of 12 total levels (8 in the 16-bit ports) which takes place in 6 cities in a futuristic 1996 Japan. Each city is featured twice with the game beginning and ending in Tokyo. Other cities include Kyoto, Okayama, Osaka, Kobe and Hiroshima.

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