Meikyū Kumikyoku – Milon no Daibōken (loose)


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Tanggal rilis: 1986/11/13
Platform: Famicom
Developer: Hudson
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– Region Japan.
– Second hand.
– Tanpa dus dan manual.
– Cartridge dalam kondisi baik.

A 1986 action-adventure game released by Hudson Soft for the Famicom. The player controls Milon by running, jumping and shooting bubbles. The player starts out at the bottom floor of a four-story castle, named Castle Garland, and he must work his way upwards, searching the three main stories, the well, two side towers and the very top. If the player stays too long outside of the castle, lightning bolts fall off from the sky. Each room the castle contains many enemies and hidden items. Milon’s bubbles are both a tool and a weapon; throwing bubbles at soft blocks causes them to break apart and either create additional routes, reveal hidden shops, or expose specific items.

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