Nintendo 64 Mic [Voice Recognition Unit] (loose)


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Tanggal rilis: 1998/12/12
Platform: Nintendo 64
Developer: Nintendo
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– Region Japan.
– Second hand.
– Tanda dus dan manual.
– Mic dalam kondisi baik.

The VRU (Voice Recognition Unit) has only two compatible games: Hey You, Pikachu! and Densha de Go! 64. A VRU is included with every factory package of Hey You, Pikachu! and is required to play the game. Densha de Go! 64 does not require the VRU, and as such, they are sold separately. The peripheral consists of a ballast (NUS-020) connected to controller port 4 of the system, a microphone (NUS-021), a yellow foam cover for the microphone, and a clip for clipping the microphone to the controller (NUS-025, bundled with Hey You, Pikachu!) or a plastic neck holder for hands free usage (NUS-022, bundled with Densha de Go! 64). VRUs are region dependent, and a USA region VRU cannot be used with Japanese games and vice versa (foreign region VRUs are not detected by the games).

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