Nintendo Puzzle Collection + GBA Cable Set


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Tanggal rilis: 2003/02/07
Platform: Nintendo Gamecube
Developer: Nintendo
Jumlah disc: 1
Perkiraan tiba di alamat pemesan: 2 hari

– Region Japan.
– Second hand.
– Kondisi box 80%.
– CD dan manual dalam kondisi baik.
– Set: Nintendo Puzzle Collection Gamecube Game, GBA Cable.

This Japanese exclusive collection includes three puzzle games: Dr.Mario 64, Panel De Pon 64 (a cancelled N64 game that was reskinned and released as Pokémon Puzzle League, and a reworked version of Yoshi’s Cookie. The games have been ported from older systems and enhanced with additional modes and support for four-player games. In Dr. Mario and Panel De Pon multiplayer games, players who die can play a singleplayer game until the game is completely over. The Game Boy Advance can be used as an additional controller and the games can also be downloaded to the handheld as single player versions. The handheld versions of Dr. Mario and Yoshi’s Cookie are the NES versions while the Panel De Pon game is an original creation.

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