Oshare Majo Love and Berry DS Collection Set


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Tanggal rilis: 2006/08/24
Platform: Nintendo DS
Developer: Square Enix
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– Region Japan.
– Second hand.
– Kondisi box 60%.
– Cartridge dan manual dalam kondisi baik.
– Set: Oshare Majo Love and Berry DS Cartridge Game, Card Reader, DS Collection Original Card x10.

Love and Berry DS Collection is a version of the game for the Nintendo DS. It features a DS peripheral that can read the barcodes of the Love and Berry cards acquired from the arcade and features the same gameplay mechanics. Added in this version is a story mode, a new rival, Miesha (who becomes a playable character in later Love and Berry arcade games) and boys. Accessories and a specially pink-colored Nintendo DS Lite are also sold to promote the game. SEGA has launched a fashion line of Love and Berry featuring clothes from the game as well as accessories and sundries with Love and Berry designs. The fashion line features four collections: Natural, Sports, Lovely, Elegance.

Love and Berry: Dress Up and Dance! is an arcade game and collectible card game from Sega, targeted toward girls. The game was first shown in amusement arcades on October 30, 2004, and became very popular among the target market in late 2005 through 2006. Game machines were installed in many department stores and children’s play areas. Players receive 1 card at the start of the game with barcodes on them that stores information for new outfits, accessories, and hairstyles for the game characters. As of April 2006, there are 180 different collectible cards. As of January 2006, approximately 6,800 machines have been installed, and 104 million cards printed.

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