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Tanggal rilis: 1995
Platform: Phillips CD-i
Developer: Namco, Philips Interactive Media, Inc.
Jumlah disc: 1
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– Region US.
– Second hand
– Kondisi box 70%.
– CD ada baret tipis. Manual book dalam keadaan baik.

Also known as “Pac-Attack”, based on Namco’s Japanese-only arcade puzzler Cosmo Gang the Puzzle, similar to many block-dropping puzzle games from the time, such as Puyo Puyo. Like many puzzlers, it contains a versus mode against another human player. It’s similar to the many versus modes of puzzle games: eat plenty of ghosts and your opponent will recieve many ghosts on his area.

The game also includes a Puzzle mode. It features 100 levels, in which you have to eat all ghosts with no more than 4 Pac-Men at least (the number reduces in certain levels), and, unlike the other modes, you can change Pac-Man’s direction with the press of a button.

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