Seima Densetsu 3×3 Eyes (box non original)


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Tanggal rilis: 1993/07/23
Platform: Mega Drive CD
Developer: Sega
Jumlah disc: 1
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– Region Japan.
– Second hand.
– Kondisi casing 80% (casing bukan original).
– CD dan manual dalam kondisi baik.

1983, Tibet. A weary traveler approaches a figure standing on the peak of the mountain. “You shall become human again…” – says the man. Then we see that it was a woman he spoke to – a beautiful woman with a third eye on her forehead…

Long ago, a powerful race called sanzhiyan, the Three-Eyed Ones, came to existence. Those were humans who discovered the secret of eternal youth, and therefore ceased to be humans. They controlled people and turned some of them into “wu” – obedient immortal servants without their own will. One girl stand up against this, a sanzhiyan named Parvati. She destroyed the leader of the sanzhiyan, the terrible Kaiyanwang. She tried to forget the past, living in a secluded area in Tibet under the name Pai. A Japanese scientist Fujii met her and tried to help her to become human again. But Fujii died, and only a letter to his son was left. Pai went to Tokyo and met Fujii’s son Yakumo, a careless teenager who was working as a cross-dressing waiter. When her pet monster bird attacked Yakumo, she saved him by using the power of her third eye. But after Yakumo made contact with its mysterious power, he lost his true human nature and became her Wu! Now their destiny is tied together, as they try to regain their lost humanity and prevent Kaiyanwang’s Wu, the cruel Benares, to resurrect his master.

Seima Densetsu (The Legend of the Divine Demon) is Sega’s RPG entry into the library of games based on the anime series 3×3 Eyes. The game attempts to include the entire story of the manga and anime, from the moment Yakumo first met Pai to the final confrontation, incorporating different story arcs, some of which are unique to this game. The game is a traditional Japanese-style RPG with world map exploration, towns and dungeons, randomly appearing enemies, and turn-based combat. Players select attacks from a menu, viewing the battle from first-person perspective. The executions of the attacks are displayed as animated sequences.

Characters join and leave the party as dictated by the plot development. Leveling up is automatic; spells and techniques are learned by the characters when they meet the correspondent level requirements. The game features an anime-style intro and cutscenes with voice-overs for important characters.

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