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Tanggal rilis: 1998/03/19
Platform: Nintendo 64
Developer: Video System
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– Region Japan.
– Second hand.
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The fourth and last game in the Sonic Wings / Aero Fighters franchise. Rather than being a top down shoot ’em up like it’s predecessors, Sonic Wings Assault takes advantage of the Nintendo 64’s capabilities by becoming a 3D air combat series similar to Ace Combat. Players are able to choose from six (two of which are unlockable) aircraft, each with unique special weapons. Although modeled and named after actual jets, the planes in Sonic Wings Assault handle in an arcade like fashion, carry payloads in impossible quantities, and use fantastical special weapons.

The aircraft in Sonic Wings Assault control in an arcade fashion, where stalls are non existent. The analog stick controls pitch, with up and down inverted as they would be on a jets joystick. Afterburners are mapped to the up C button, increasing speed, and the air-brake is mapped to the down C button, decreasing speed. Players can control yaw with the left and right C buttons, controlling their respective directions. As for armaments, the Z button is used to fire each planes primary machine gun, A fires the players primary missile attack, and B activates the defensive chaff. When available, each jets special weapon may be fired with the R button. The D-pad can be used to view camera angles around the players aircraft.

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