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Tanggal rilis: 1997/04/27
Platform: Nintendo 64
Developer: Nintendo
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A 3D sci-fi shooter developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 on July 1, 1997. The sequel to Star Fox, Star Fox 64 re-tells the story of Fox McCloud (the leader of the elite Star Fox team of Arwing pilots) as he ventures through the Lylat star system with his wingmen (cocky Falco Lombardi, mentor Peppy Hare, and inexperienced Slippy Toad) and mothership (the Great Fox, piloted by robot R.O.B. 64) to counter-attack the forces of mad scientist Andross (including the Star Wolf, a rival team of mercenaries led by Wolf O’Donnell).

Sporting a brand new engine, Star Fox 64 includes a variety of new gameplay mechanics from its predecessor, including special “All-Range Mode” stages (where players can move freely around a designated battlefield), stages with unique new vehicles (including the Landmaster tank and Blue Marine submarine), new maneuvers (a Somersault in normal mode and a U-Turn in All-Range mode), a campaign with branching paths (which get easier or harder depending on how well the player completes objectives), and competitive split-screen multiplayer (for up to four simultaneous players). Star Fox 64 is the first console game in history to support force feedback, due to being the first game to use the Nintendo 64’s Rumble Pak accessory (which was bundled in all copies of the game).

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