Super Formation Soccer 94 World Cup Final Data (loose)


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Tanggal rilis: 1994/09/22
Platform: Super Famicom
Developer: Human
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– Region Japan.
– Second hand.
– Tanpa dus dan manual.
– Cartridge dalam keadaan baik. Bagian belakang menguning.

Third release of the original Super Formation Soccer video game, which was made specially for the 1994 FIFA World Cup. There are various playable modes like Exhibition, World Cup, League (sponsored by Adidas) and Tournament (sponsored by Snickers). (sponsored by Coca Cola). There were many improvements over the previous two versions, one of the most important being the availability of choosing more teams. All the 24 national teams that partook that year’s World Cup are represented (except the inclusion of Japan (that didn’t qualify) instead of South Korea), however the latter one was included in the special/hidden teams. Using two special codes, the player will have access to the special/hidden teams which didn’t take part in the 1994 World Cup: England, Wales, Uruguay, Denmark and France. The other two hidden teams are “Masters” and “Human”. In the World Cup mode there is a sub-mode where the players can face the Asian qualification European qualification African qualification South American qualification North American qualification Oceanian qualification (inter-confederation play-offs) using only the Japanese national team. North Korea national team. Belgian national team. Portuguese national team. Senegal national team. Malawi national team. Colombia national team. Uruguay national team. Barbados national team. Haiti national team. Australian national team. In this mode there are opponents like Bangladesh, India, Oman, Pakistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Malaysia, Thailand Belgium, Albania, Scotland, Malta, Faroe Islands, Finland Lithuania, Hungary, Angola, Gabon, Tunisia, Congo, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Kenya, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Suriname, New Zealand, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Tahiti, among many other Asian teams. European Teams. African teams. South American teams. North American teams. Oceanian teams.

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