Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Limited Edition


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Tanggal rilis: 2013/03/14
Platform: Sony Playstation Portable
Developer: Bandai Namco Games
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– Region: 2 Japan
– Second hand.
– Language: Japanese
– Subtitle: Japanese
– Set: Sword Art Online -Infinity Moment- PSP UMD Game, Infinity Moment Special Contents DVD Vol. 1, Infinity Moment Special Contents DVD Vol. 2, Original Soundtrack CD, Special Booklet.
– UMD dan manual dalam keadaan baik.

The game follows an alternate storyline from the end of the first arc of the original story, in which a glitch causes Kirito and the other players to remain in Sword Art Online despite defeating Heathcliff, and players from other VRMMORPGs, such as second and third arc protagonists Leafa and Sinon, get sucked into the game themselves. The gameplay has many similarities to MMORPGs, though it is not an online game, including the ability to buy and upgrade weapons, go on missions, and fight in a group with other characters. The protagonist, Kirito, can equip ten types of weapons, such as swords and axes.

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