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Tanggal rilis: 2008/12/18
Platform: Nintendo DS
Developer: Namco
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– Region Japan.
– Second hand.
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The game follows main protagonist Kor Meteor after he discovers a woman named Kohaku Hearts and her brother Hisui near his home town. When Kohaku is attacked by a mysterious antagonist named Incarose and infected by a monster called a xerom, Kor attempts to cure her using his Soma, an ancient weapon designed to fight xerom. In the process, he ends up shattering Kohaku’s Spiria, the essence of her heart and emotions, and scattering the pieces across the world. Together with Hisui, Kor sets off with Kohaku on a quest to restore her Spiria. The Japan-exclusive DS version received two editions: the “Anime Edition,” featuring cutscenes by Production I.G, and the “CG Movie Edition,” featuring CGI cutscenes created by Shirogumi.

Tales of Hearts is set on the worlds of Organica and Minera (known to Organicans as the “white moon”), with the events of the story mostly taking place on Organica. Two millennia before the present day, Minera was in a state of war with itself, and Organica’s inhabitants were used by the Minerans as a food source for organic weapons called xeroms. The xeroms were designed to attack Spirias, the crystalline essence of a person’s emotions, and either destroyed them or infected them with an ailment known as despir. Some Minerans who sympathized with the Organicans’ plight and wishes for peace provided them with weapons to fight off the xerom, called Soma. In the present day, after Minera was destroyed, the xerom continue to threaten the people of Minera and the people who bear Somas and fight the creatures are called Somatics. Other remnants of the Mineran civilization left on the planet include the airship fortress Mysticete, mostly known to the Organicans as the “Forest of Thorns”, and mechanoids, machines with synthetic Spirias who acted as guardians to important Minerans. During the events of Hearts, Organica is under the united rule of the Maximus Empire, which waged a war against the world’s other factions eighteen years before in a conflict called the “Unification War”.

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