The Atlas


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Tanggal rilis: 1991/08
Platform: FM-Towns
Developer: Artdink
Jumlah disc: 1
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– Region Japan.
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“The Atlas” is a simulation game set in the Age of Discovery, developed by ArtDink. The setting is the 15th century. The player aims to create a world map under the command of the King of Portugal. Instead of directly going on voyages, the player hires admirals (explorers), purchases sailboats for exploration voyages, confirms coastlines based on their reports, and gradually creates the map.

Initially, there is financial support from the king, but the amount of support varies based on progress in the previous year. If progress is slow, the support may be terminated after five years. Therefore, opening trade routes between discovered cities to increase funds is also an important aspect of the game. The maps created based on the admirals’ reports change each time, so they may differ significantly from real-world maps.

There are also unique products that can only be discovered by creating fictional lands (such as the Mu continent). An encyclopedia is automatically compiled alongside the creation of the world map, documenting cities, special products, mysteries, animals, and event locations. Furthermore, there was a campaign in the game where players could solve the mystery of the sacred cow Ivlarque and discover the treasure called “Ivlarque’s Bone,” earning them actual Maple Leaf coins as a reward.

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