Train Simulator: Kyushu Shinkansen


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Tanggal rilis: 2005/09/28
Platform: Sony Playstation 2
Developer: Ongakukan
Jumlah disc: 2
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– Region Japan.
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A Japanese train simulation game series produced by Ongakukan. The game is significant as it was one of the earliest of its kind since the series started in 1995. No versions were licensed outside of Asia, therefore all of Train Simulator games are only available in Japanese, except Railfan: Taiwan High Speed Rail which is also translated in Traditional Chinese and English.

The original Train Simulator series (1995–2000) was designed from technology which was previously used to develop the Ongakukan product “Touch the Music by Casiopea”, which synchronized video with audio. This particular game was based on music from the jazz fusion band Casiopea, whose keyboard player at the time, Minoru Mukaiya, was, and is, also the CEO of Ongakukan. With Train Simulator Ongakukan filmed video from the cab of a train on the desired railway and recorded sounds from that train. Later when the simulation had been completed and was running on a PC, the video would be displayed in a silver metallic box and the sounds would be played according to what was happening at that particular moment in the simulation. The video for the original Train Simulator series of games was 308×156 pixels at 30 frames per second using Intel Indeo 2 video compression and AVI file container.

Each game contains Japanese lines and trains, with the exception of four episodes located overseas, in Germany, France, United States of America and Taiwan. Video shot from the cab of the train synchronized with the computer is used as a basis for simulation. Ongakukan have endeavoured to produce true to life simulation with much technical details, and since 2005, Ongakukan has started producing professional simulators for driver training

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