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Tanggal rilis: 2000/11/30
Platform: Sony Playstation 2
Developer: Tecmo
Jumlah disc: 1
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– Region Japan.
– Second hand.
– Kondisi box 70%.
– DVD dan manual dalam keadaan baik.

A rhythm video game which featured unique controls and generally considered to have above-average graphics for its genre of game. It is heavily inspired by J-pop, anime and the formation of musical girl groups.

The game’s plot, taking place in the futuristic city of Twin Ships, centers around the exploits of three girls – Trill, Cela and Chilly – and mascot Friday as they struggle against the dictatorship of a man known only as Ducker, who can use his voice to exert a hypnotic influence over people and only allow them to experience his peculiar brands of fun, which has outlawed anything creative aside from his own music; dancing, in particular, is especially prohibited. Gathered together by a man known as Doctor Dance – who happens to dress in what passes as stereotypical 1960s attire and possesses a large afro – the three girls form the musical dance group Unison, and set about putting on a series of performances over Twin Ships’ airwaves to rally the public to their cause and bring dancing back to the people. In opposition of Unison are Ducker and his personal servants who routinely try to capture the girls.

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