Wizardry Empire II ~Legacy of The Princess~


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Tanggal rilis: 2003/08/07
Platform: Sony Playstation
Developer: MichaelSoft、Starfish
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A dungeon crawling game and a sequel to Wizardry Empire: Princess of the Ancient. While the game follows the basics of Wizardry up to the fifth installment and the Gaiden series, it introduces unique elements that significantly distinguish it. The combination of character races and personalities affects the overall stats of the party. The game is rich with parody items, and the concept of spell nullification has been removed. Instead, the effectiveness of spells varies greatly depending on whether they exploit an enemy’s weak attributes. Players can also earn “titles” by achieving various in-game records, such as exploring all floors or collecting all items.

Since the game was developed using the rights from the later Wizardry series, starting from the sixth installment, it couldn’t use spell names from the first five installments. Instead, it assigned unique names similar to the original spells. New races with powerful stats, such as the Majin, were added, along with exclusive classes like Berserker for humans and Wizardry (Almighty) for Majins.

The storyline is set in the past of the first Wizardry game, “Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord.” It includes keywords like “Nilda,” “Kashinart,” and “Mildar,” which are used in the official numbered entries. However, as the game uses the rights from Wizardry VI and later, it’s unclear whether these elements are part of the official canon.

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