WonderBorg (Aircraft Grey)


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Tanggal rilis: 2000/12/09
Platform: Bandai Wonderswan
Developer: Bandai, Square
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– Region Japan.
– New.

The WonderBorg is a programmable consumer robot kit first released for the Bandai WonderSwan and Microsoft Windows PCs in 2000. It is intended to match both the external appearance and mode of transport of a beetle, with functioning antennae and a six-legged design.

Both the WonderSwan and PC versions are bundled with specialized WonderBorg programming software known as Robot Works. Rather than requiring the user to learn a complex programming language, the WonderBorg program is written using a graphical user interface, in which instructions for the robot are laid out in a grid. On one side of the grid the WonderBorg’s various sensors can be laid out, with those higher on the grid taking priority. The robot is then given instructions on how to react to each trigger.The WonderSwan version additionally included a “pet” program, in which the WonderBorg would behave similarly to Bandai’s prior Tamagotchi, a mode omitted from the PC version.

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