YuYu Hakusho Forever


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Tanggal rilis: 2005/05/19
Platform: Sony Playstation 2
Developer: Banprsto
Jumlah disc: 1
Perkiraan tiba di alamat pemesan: 2 hari

– Region Japan.
– Second hand.
– Kondisi box 80%.
– CD dan manual dalam keadaan baik.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Forever is set after the events of the Dark Tournament. Although a great deal of time was spent fighting in the tournament, it appears only a day has passed in the human world. As Yusuke and his friends return home they discover a man named Sensui plans on destroying the Earth by making his right-hand man Itsuki open the demon plane into the human plane. After defending the world from destruction, Yusuke and his friends join the Demon World Tournament to fight the Three Kings.

There are 2 Start Game screen caps. One is Dark Tournament Start Game, another one is Makai or Demon World Start Game. At the beginning of the game, it’ll show the Dark Tournament Start Game. After Dark Tournament and Sensui Shinobu has been defeated, the Start Game screen will change to Makai or Demon World Screen.

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